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The resulting exogamous pattern of marriages was reflected in the marriage policies of the English royal family which, in addition to European dynastic marriages, did not hesitate to marry into English families of the lesser nobility.

Secondly, it provided opportunity for advancement to many other families besides those of the principle earls.

The present document shows the families whose names start with the letters A to C.

In the Abitot case, it is possible that Urses son was too young to have been appointed sheriff after his father died and that his fathers younger brother was chosen as "caretaker" sheriff by the king.

Osbert must have died before Oct 1113, the latest date of a charter which names Roger as sheriff (see above).] Loyd indicates that there is no other place named Abetot in Normandy other than the one with which the Abitot family is connected.

He does not cite the primary source which confirms the family relationship, although he does refer to "Ingoluesmaera" (part of the property the subject of the [1095/1100] writ, see below) being the same as "Gundelsmere" which was held by Robert le Despencer in Domesday Book (-[1100/10]).

Round states that "Robert the Despencer" was the brother of "Urse de Abetot" who succeeded the former in his lands in Lincolnshire, but does not cite the primary source which confirms the family relationship Domesday Book records Urse d Abetot holding Sezincote in Gloucestershire; and "Urse the sheriff" holding numerous properties from the churches of Worcester, Westminster St Peter, St Mary of Pershore, from the bishop of Bayeux, as well as his own holdings from the king, in Worcestershire"Eudo dapifer, Ivo dapifer, Hanno dapifer, Rotbertus de Oili, Urso de Abetot Hugo de Portu, Rogerus de Busleio, Ranulfus Peverellis, Aiulfus vicecomes, Alveradus de Lincoln, Ernulfus de Hesding" witnessed the charter dated under which William II King of England .