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21 Feb

I was quickly reminded of his hyperactivity and my need to direct that energy.

I gave him paper and a pencil and asked him to write, draw or fold something for me.

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I have bought and used many game peripherals that seemed promising but turned out to be “horripherals” or “pooripherals.” I haven’t decided which term to use yet.

Actual movements translated directly into the game for success and improvement of game play. As an adult, my media interests have not changed much but now I can pay for my own toys. Williams Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Video game input controls have evolved a great deal since the advent of joysticks and joy pads.

Most importantly, no worn out, broken or chargeless controllers. And I can dream about the future of interactive hardware and software in the hopefully near future. Kinetic learners absorb information by doing and are inclined toward athletic and physical pursuits and prefer first person perspectives, fighting and action games and sports simulations.

There was the baseless flight stick that you extend like a beer bottle twisting and turning until your carpel tunnel kicks in or you spill your beer, whichever is first. And the P5 Virtual Glove that I really didn’t give much of a chance because it wouldn’t fit my girthy fingers.

Or the Xbox 360 Max Shooter that I’ve been too lazy to configure to improve my FPS performance online.